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Hello. I utilized Wendell Odom's ICND1 network simulator to help me get the "hands on" experience while not spending a fortune on setting up a physical lab. Are there any similar software packages out there like that for the 210-260 route? If I have to buckle down and purchase the equipment off eBay, then I guess I have no choice...but I definitely liked the ICND1 simulator approach to learning commands, troubleshooting and configurations.

Many thanks in advance!
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    I know there is packet tracker 6.2 that has an ASA but nothing like the Odom labs unfortonately. Make sure when buying lab equipment you have 256/64 routers with IOS 15 best of luck with ccna security.
    Maybe boson has some practice labs for ccna security.
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    Why not use GNS3 simulator?
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    I'm also working on the CCNA:Sec and I really wanted to click that link till I saw the amount of post you have. :/
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    Don't worry be happy everything's gonna be alright... dude i just want to help.
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    The Boson tests provide a few ASDM sims that function similarly to those on the exam.
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    im finding it hard to find labs as well. as it seem it is only for ccna r&s there are an abundant of labs. so im just doing what i can with packet tracer and watching videos about the asdm and just do it that way sadly..
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