Unable to obtain results from a pen test

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Within the last few weeks, my department and the department that is above us we're subjected to a unannounced black-box pen test. Once completed, we were told by higher ups in a meeting that my department passed with no issues while the department that is above us had alot of issues.

My manager asked to obtain the results of the pen test, so we could get a better picture to see what was tested, what wasn't tested, and who did the testing.

Without a really good reason, we are told that we can't see the results. I think that is weird.

Has anyone heard this before or a good way to go about obtaining what was tested?
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    They should provide you with a report. Usually they give it to management or someone that is authorized. Maybe you are not authorized?
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    your most likely not authorized, or they are not ready to show the results to everyone yet. If they give out every back door and unauthorized access holes to everyone, that only increases the chance of them being used.
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