Passed CEH 04/23

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Hi guys,

Finally I've passed CEH yesterday and scored 82% icon_lol.gif I was surprised by the amount of questions about physical security (Expect the unexpected from EC-Councilicon_rolleyes.gif), A lot of questions on PKI, Digital Certificates, Encryption, NMAP, METASPLOIT, DIG...etc

Thanks for everyone posted here about CEH, That really helped me to put a good plan for my study and focus on some parts of the material icon_thumright.gificon_thumright.gificon_thumright.gificon_thumright.gif

Overall exam was really hard, Not trying to scare you but c'mon, it's CEH!! I started study last November, I have experience in Network, Security, & Linux for 5 years. I took the training and started with the material, Built my own lab, and depend ont he following during that time:

1- Official Material for CEH (Guide, Lab Material, Tools)
2- CEH Certified Ethical Hacker: Exam Guide (All-in-One): I really enjoyed with this one as it already have it's own Test Engine which I practice on. This one is CEHv8 but For truth it doesn't matter the version, It's the concept.
3- ($49.99 and it worth it)
4- ($99 i would say 80% worth it, the problem with Skillset sometimes it's just silly questions, a lot of grammatical mistakes)
5- May be one thing really helped me is that every concept I found during my study I used to google that and take notes a side, This way you will be able to cover the recent changes or updates even if you're studying CEHv8 (I still don't believe that CEH have a version)

Now I'm looking forward to have my Security+ cert this summer and looking forward for CISSP for next year icon_study.gif

Good luck for everyone icon_thumright.gificon_wink.gif


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