Passed MCSE Messaging!

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3 months after passing 70-341, I have passed 70-342 and completed my MCSE.

Personally, I found the 2 exchange exams easier than the 3 windows server exams. It just seemed to make more sense to me, and I think the fact it is more focused than the windows server ones, the windows server ones were much more broad than the exchange ones. I also think it is because the exchange content seems more relevant, stuff like VPN in the windows server exams seemed a bit pointless; it is most likely something that not many people would use with stuff like checkpoint, cisco etc available. And even if you did go with this, it would most likely be the network guys that would deal with it.

Now I need to figure out where to go next. May aim for another MCSE at some point, I think communication would be the best one to go for and would make more sense to follow on from Exchange. I am going to take a well earned break for a while though before I move onto something else!icon_cheers.gif


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    what materials dd you use?
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    RINTI1012 wrote: »
    what materials dd you use?

    First I watched the CBT nuggets videos and found them really disappointing compared to the other sets of their videos I have watched before.

    I would probably say I found TechNet the most useful for this exam, as well as labbing it out in a virtual environment.

    Most of the topics, I found were just an expansion on what I learnt for the first exam and just went into them in more depth.

    Stuff like Unified messaging was pretty hard to simulate, I found reading all of the TechNet information on it and clicking through all the different options in a lab was enough to get through the exam.
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