Passed CEH, but no score?!

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Hey All,

Just a little introduction, i've been browsing the forum finally decided to join (some great material here). I took my CEH yesterday but all it said was "PASSED" with no score listed. I didn't receive an email confirmation from EC Council either. Did anyone else experience this? I'm double guessing myself as to if I even passed (I know it said I passed but there's been no confirmation since).

Anyone else know what might be going on?

Thanks everyone!


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    Oh, just to add: I took the exam through their ProctorU so I took it at home with someone watching me.
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    How did you find it taking it from home? were you more relaxed etc? Any tips, hints etc
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    How did you find it taking it from home? were you more relaxed etc? Any tips, hints etc

    More relaxed yes, but I was constantly worried about the Proctor thinking i'm cheating. Also you want to make sure its as quiet as possible. At one point my niece was crying upstairs and I couldnt stand it. But I wasnt able to do anything, I just hoped she would be quiet. Just make sure your comfortable in the space you're in.
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    I can't say for sure, but I think I remember someone posting a similar issue here before, and it just took a few days to update. I'd say wait until Monday, and if there's still nothing, check in with EC Council.
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    If you don't mind me asking how much is it through ProctorU?

    I know they recently raised the price to $600 USD for the Pearson Vue test.
    I've heard the ProctorU price was cheaper. Just Curious.
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    It was $500, and I did email them still waiting on a response.
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    Got my email today passed, not with flying colors but passed none the less. My studying was V8 heavy, and some new material from v9. Certain questions I had no idea about but was able to derive the answer based on prior knowledge and context.
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    Thanks everyone!
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