Security + scheduled tomorrow, im scared

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Hey all. My test is scheduled tomorrow. When i finished network + 3 years i was excited to pursue this cert but procrastinated.

So ive been studying for the past 6 months mainly using the mike myers passport booklet for sy 401. I finished the book and did the practice test included with it but only scored an 80 percent which according to the test is failing. This has me afraid of failing tomorrow and potentially losing my a+ and network + which expire the 15th of this month.

I guess my questions are has anyone used mike myers passport and how well do you feel it prepared you? How did the practice test compare to the real test ie easier or harder?

I bought the comptia deluxe bundle so i got a retake voucher so if i fail tomorrow hopefully reschedule for a week after. But im a bit unclear how i access the retake voucher as the email i received only had 1 code in it and i used it to schedule this exam.

Any advice is appreciated.


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    My exam is in an hour. Im getting some last minute review in. I'll let you guys know.
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    Passed with a 786. All my questions seemed to be written in an odd manner to a point where I did not feel like I was reading English. I also did not finish my exam I basically did not do my first two simulations and did not feel like I was going to pass. Oh well I dont feel like you can luck in to passing a test that hard so I obviously know enough to get certified.

    As for studying. I originally tried Gibsons SYO 301 book and while I found the information in it to be clear and easy to follow it was too dry for my tastes. I had done my A+ and Net+ studying with Mike Meyers all in one books and found those easy and enjoyed the corny jokes he made. So I picked up the SYO-Passport book by his company as he does not apparently write an AIO book himself. I did realized he did not write ithe passport book but expected it to be in his style has he is associated with it. I think what really motivated me to continue with this cert is that I want to start looking at a career change and possibly doing work that would allow me to work from home. That being said I did not want to lose my A+ and Net + cert while looking.

    I dont think the Mike Meyers passport book prepared me as well as the Mike Meyers All in one books that are actually written by him. This one seemed to have a few errors in the end of chapter tests and also at times seemed to give too little information on subjects. I dont think I would use it as a study guide again unless it were complimenting something else. Good luck to everyone here in their own studies.
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    Congrats on the pass
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    Grats on the pass
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