Passed on 2nd attempt!!

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I passed the exam in my 2nd attempt yesterday.

I have no prior experience in networking. Took around 3 months to prepare well. Spent almost 5 hours per day in preparation.

Here are my recommended readings...

Exam preparation:

Mike Myers Lynda videos (Gave me a very good intro to networking)
Professor Messers videos (They're free)
Professor Messers Study Guide (Professor Messer's CompTIA N10-006 Network+ Course Notes | Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses)
Exam Cram
Check Tech Exams forums for exam tips and preparation
Countless other websites from google search


Exercises and simulation from Keith Barker book CD. This includes Pearson simulation that can be brought separately
Total Sem online simulations
Home router wireless configurations

Practice Exams

Total Sem practice exams

Exam 1st Attempt Experience:

The exam was pretty easy, but I didn't have any time to complete the simulations. I almost didn't answer 4-5 simulations. Scored around 620.

Exam 2nd Attempt Preparations:

Bought Total Sem practice exams for managing time. Practiced more than 1000 questions and around 5 full exams. I managed to complete the multiple choice questions within 30 min in practice exams. Also practiced extra simulations from Total Sem I felt confident and registered for 2nd attempt.

In the 2nd exam, the questions were extremely hard. I almost gave up in the middle of the exam. But the practices I took for the simulations helped really well and help me to complete the exam with 30 min to spare. I spent the 30 min to revise, read carefully and corrected where needed. I passed with 740.

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice a lot. Studying is only 50% of preparation
  2. Study with the exam syllabus from CompTIA website. If something from the syllabus is not covered in textbook, refer from other websites
  3. Don't panic when you see the questions in the exam. Mark for review what you don't know and come back later
  4. Know your subnetting. Target to complete in 2-3 min ( is a good resource to practice. Also try all CCNA subnetting questions)
I'm now heading to Security+ and CCNA....

Good luck!


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