RHCE RHEL7 Impressions

I scored a 290/300 (and I know what I did wrong; of course realized my mistake in the parking lot. Oh well)

Background: I've been working in the IC for the past 8 years and am quite comfortable using RHEL 6. I allotted 4 days to study for the RHEL7 RHCE exam. I took my exams out of order; the RHEL7 RHCE being the final of my 7 exams to achieve RHCA, so I had at least used RHEL7 a few times prior.

Impression: The exam itself is not any more difficult than the RHEL6 version, in my opinion; there are just more tasks. I finished with ~45 minutes remaining. For experienced admins/engineers, I HIGHLY recommend taking the SysAd 3 course. I used the book from the aforementioned course to study/lab (RH254).

Content: No surprises; everything that was listed in the objectives was used in someway on the exam.

I'm happy to answer questions as long as they don't violate the NDA. :)


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