Passed Security+ a couple hours ago!

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Materials used:

-ITProTV course/Transcender practice exams

I took this on a whim, albeit a ballsy one. I watched about 2/3 of the ITProTV course and went through the Transcender Flashcards and confident enough. The boss of my boss was asking around if any of the people in my department had a non-vendor security cert. I figured I could handle it no problem because I've been skimming this stuff for a while, and took a course for Security+ two years ago. I should have taken it more seriously because I barely squeaked by. The studying for my Linux+ and MCSA actually helped quite a bit. Overall it was a confidence booster for me that I could pass on little direct preparation. The knowledge must be retaining itself somehow lol.

PS The testing center was in an entertaining ghetto. I was interrogated by either an undercover cop or a drug dealer as I was smoking a cig outside the testing center after the test XD
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