Did any of you take classes or do most people just study from a book?

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I was thinking about getting my A+ certification over the summer so that I can get an entry level job. I am pursuing an IT degree at a local university. Did most of you just use a study book or did any of you take classes for it? Also, is there any particular study book that you would recommend or are they all more or less equal?


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    For the A+ I took a class (I didn't pay for it). I think it costs like 1K. It was a beating. Basically someone reading a book to you and you follow along. I guess the only advantage is if you had a question. Anyway in my opinion, waste of time however depends of the certification. Seems with the CompTIA just get a book, watch youtube.
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    I go to a technical school mostly to get hands on experience. We get to manage the entire campus so we always have projects and it really helped me get my A+. I used Professor Messer videos, Used notes/flashcards on an app called Quizlet, Played with an old computer around the house, and did Examcompass practice test until I scored 90% or higher
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    I took the A+ 10 years ago and had taken a class at my local technical college but I felt like I could have passed it just by self study since after the class was over I just read over the book a few times and took some practice tests. I've never taken a class for any of the certifications I've gotten since then and have always been able to pass, but then again I've been working in the IT field for over 8 years now as well so I do have a decent amount of experience. When I took my A+ class I wasn't working in the field and although I feel I could have passed the exam without taking the class I'd still say it was beneficial.
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    I've taken college courses. However when I actually earned my A+ I'd been fixing/building/repairing PCs for about 12 years for family/friends, and professionally for 3 years. I didn't study at all. I took the WGU pre-test and got like an 85 on both, they released the vouchers and sat and passed the first time.
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