need free vnc software

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I'm looking for somehting like webex that will allow me to remote control someones computer thru a browser. I tried downloading some of the free open source ones but they dont do what I want. They let me connect thru a url, but only to manage the system I'm connecting to. I want the opposite, I want someone to go to a url and pass control of thier system to me. webex and some other like it are extremely expensive. I dont' need to pay the money for something with so many features, just looking for something basic.


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    If the computers are Windows XP, consider using Remote Desktop and/or Remote Assistance.
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    I use Real VNC at work for Win 9x clients and it not had many problems though as Webmaster says i would definetly use RDC for XP due to its ease of use. (Also use it for Win 2003 servers)
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    realVNC is a great free alternative to pcanywahere and for xp/2003 RDP, but all these setups requires me to setup port forwarding on the remote pc. The nice thing about webex is that it doesn't require this. I can intruct a customer to browse to a url and pass control of thier pc to me. Therefore I can get right to the pc without any adminitration before hand. Very nice way to provide support.
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