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Hi I would like to know in terms of study material which exam is harder, Net+ or CCNA. My background: I took my A+ on march 2016, had a mobile phone and PC repair shop but now I want to dive deep in the networking world but I dont have a strong knowledge just basic networking. Right now I am studying for the Net+ cert which I found it to be kind of hard. So my question is if there is a big gap on material after taking the Net+ to get the CCNA cert. I know that the CCNA covers a lot of Cisco IOS commands and configurations but would like to know if there are something besides that. Also I heard that getting Net+ and then CCNA is a waste of money but I prefer to do it that way since I don't have a broad knowledge of networking. Another question for the people that are working as network technicians. It is common to make use of all the terminology and protocols and all that we learn in the Net+ cert??, and if someone can tell me how it would be a normal day as a networking tech. Sorry for all the questions but I just don't wanna make a lot of threadsicon_lol.gif.


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    Consider finishing your Net+ studying, but then don't sit for the exam. Instead, start studying for CCENT/CCNA and use the money you would have spent on Net+ toward those exams. From everything I've read and heard, CCNA is significantly more valuable. I never did Net+, but I passed my CCENT on the first try. It was a lot of information, but I didn't find it to be excruciating. Studying for ICND2 now, so the jury is still out on how hard it will be.
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    As mentioned earlier I would study the N+ material to get a good background on networking but not take the test. But instead study for the CCNA. When taking the CCNA make sure to go the 2 test route. I recently passed the CCENT/ICND1 test and found it MUCH easier than the N+ N10-006. I'm hoping the ICND2 is the same (*knocks on wood*).

    The objectives for the CCENT was only 5 pages compared to N+ 22 pages of material. If you don't have access to packet tracer or GNS3 you can pick up some cheap router and switches on Ebay which should help you out for the CCENT/CCNA.
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    Unless someone else is paying for your Network+ (work or whatever) or you're using it for college credit (*cough* WGU), I'd stay away from it or any other CompTIA certs. (A possible exception being the Security+ for satisfying the idiotic IAT II DoD 8570 baseline certification requirement, but that's another story).

    With CompTIA it's nearly all trivia, not useful information that can be applied to everyday situations. While the scope is expansive (more so than the CCNA), it doesn't get deep enough into any specific topic to be useful in any way.

    Their ROI is much lower compared to certs like the CCENT/CCNA. The CCNA is much more rigorous but at the end of the day, you will actually know something about networking once you are done. Telling a hiring manager that you also have a Network+ in addition to your CCNA isn't really going to make you look any better-- it won't hurt but it isn't a highly desired qualification.
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    I would advice doing CCNA asap in two part (ICND1 and 2 ) WARNING last day to take ICND1 version 2 is in August. I am finding network + hard to sync in.
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    I suppose its each to their own in all honesty.
    I have chosen to do Net+ then CCNA for the following:

    I have No networking experience. I know what a Switch is, Router etc and I know my protocols. Apart from that, I have no idea about cabling, topology etc.

    Due to having no experience, I wanted to walk before I could run.

    That's it for me.
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    If cost is not an issue, having Net+ will be a good foundation for CCNA. The added benefit is that getting your CCNA fulfills the CEU requirements for Net+. The drawback is having another cert to make sure it doesn't expire.
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    If Net+ is challenging for you, then it's probably near the right level. It is a fairly good introductory networking certification, but by design doesn't go deep into practical aspects. It does cover important fundamentals that you will use all through your networking career. It is an excellent starting point. You don't have to take the exam if you aren't convinced of the value of the certification - and that depends a lot on your particular circumstances, the job market in your area, what work you are looking for, if you think you will get CCNA R+S soon etc.

    CCNA Routing and Switching goes deeper than Network+, and includes a lot (heaps) of Cisco specific detail. Although it is Cisco specific in terms of the commands you use, many of the protocols and concepts are standards (like STP, 802.1q trunking, NAT, or OSPF), and by learning the Cisco commands you get the hands on to understand how these protocols and technologies work.

    Something to consider it is that the CCNA will probably take about 4x as long as Net+. Even CCENT is likely to be 2x as long as Net+. It's just more material. And if you go through the Cisco courseware - which is very good -, then you will also pick up a lot of good general networking knowledge.

    Depending on the job market you are in, CCNA Routing and Switching is often treated as the default basic networking qualification even though it does have a lot of proprietary content, and a good amount you might never actually use (frame relay, cross over cables, serial connections, ISDN). And in all likelihood if you see yourself in a networking career, CCNA is kind of inevitable.
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    jacksonr wrote: »
    I suppose its each to their own in all honesty.
    I have chosen to do Net+ then CCNA for the following:

    I have No networking experience. I know what a Switch is, Router etc and I know my protocols. Apart from that, I have no idea about cabling, topology etc.

    Due to having no experience, I wanted to walk before I could run.

    I know its been a little bit since I took the CCENT but pretty sure they go over topologies and little bit over cabling. Doesn't go over cabling as much as the Net+ does but those things you can spend 5 minutes on and google. The concepts you learn and study for in the CCENT/CCNA are much more valuable. All I know is I wish I would've dove right into the CCNA when I was spending a bunch of time studying for the Net+ instead. Get yourself a few routers and switches and start playing around them. Best way to figure out cabling and learn them imo.
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