CCNA exam rescheduling with discount voucher

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Guys Help me in this situation.I have provided with a composite discount voucher of 58% and the email is showing an expiration date on 3rd of june 2016 and i m not prepared that much and want to reschedule my exam to 15 june 206 because i have some medical issue me out your answers will be helpful for me....


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    Not sure what you are asking. You can't use the voucher after it is expired obviously.
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    I believe you are asking if you have the exam scheduled originally for a date before the voucher expiration, if you are allowed to reschedule the exam to a date after the expiration date. The short answer is no. When I worked as a proctor at a test center, test centers were not able to reschedule Cisco exams for this very reason. Rescheduling has to go through Pearson Vue customer service and I remember reading about not being able to reschedule exams past original voucher expiration date.
    I would call Pearson Vue and ask, just in case. Do not call the test center as they will not have all the info nor the authority to do this.
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