Passed 70-385 MCSE Messaging Renewal

I had to renew a Microsoft certification for the first time and just squeaked by, both the score and the expiration. My MCSE Messaging was set to expire 5/31 and I passed this on 5/27 with a 739. When MS switched to a renewal model, I thought I would have to pass the next Exchange version. I was worried that the 2016 exams wouldn't be out by the time I needed to renew, and was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of a separate renewal exam. I received the expiration warning a month ago, opened the exam link to see the objectives, and then had to juggle the exam around projects and other requirements. I never studied for it, I decided that if I failed I would take the 2016 exams later.

I'm a consultant, so I have a ton of experience with 2013. However, most of that experience is migrations - either to 2013 or Office 365 - so I don't do any day-to-day administration, and that hurt me here. There was very little Office 365 or specific migration type questions. Some design questions, which were mostly wrong of course. It's bad when the MS exam authors don't even follow the MS preferred architecture for Exchange. Surprisingly, none of the questions included Answer E - "Fire the person who though this design was a good idea and rebuild it the right way." Also, case study questions, which always suck.

I believe it's been 2.5 years since I've taken a Microsoft exam. I can't say I've missed them and it's entirely possible that this was my last one. At least I didn't waste any time studying.


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    Congrats on the pass. Hopefully this is the last one as MVA re-certification is becoming a thing... MCSE Server Infrastructure can be re-certified that way already, IIRC. I don't look forward to doing this... I finally have my MCSE Messaging as of yesterday when I finally completed my MCSA upgrade, but my Exchange exams were last year. I counted it up... I have 27 Microsoft exams on my transcript. I was going to do the MCSA Office 365 and maybe the MCSE Server Infrastructure exams... but this is starting to drain on me. And that doesn't include my many Cisco exams and other vendors... oy!
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    Thanks, this was my 43rd MS exam passed. I passed the 2013 exams when they were in beta 3.5 years ago

    I didn't hear about the option to renew through the MVA courses until yesterday. I would still rather take the exam than take the time to sit through the course, especially when I think I can pass without studying. It's hard for me to find that much time when I'm home. It would be an option to kill some time at the hotel while I'm travelling, though.
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    I would agree, in general. I think the appeal comes in when the timing is such that you can use the MVA material to go over the latest release and have that align closely with its release. That way you are getting familiar with the new release and knocking out the re-certification at the same time. Of course, if you aren't looking to study, you could easily let the videos play and then just run through the little quizes that come up throughout.
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