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My background: I've been working for huge hospital group in the Boston Area for about 5 years now. Even though im classed as a pc tech, I deal with troubleshooting various network problems and ive been involved in many network projects.

I bought a voucher about year ago and never came around to taking the test. The voucher included a free retake and the Comptia Cert Plus. About 2 weeks ago I realized that the voucher was going to expire within 3 weeks and it would've been a total waste of money if I didn't take the test. I scheduled the test 2 weeks out and started studying.

I read through Mike Myers' Network plus book and completed all the labs and exams. I read through the exam cram and I was able to answers all the questions. I figured out how to do sub netting multiple ways. i.e. magic number, old fashioned binary, and number in the box. I purchased 2 simulators from different companies and mastered all the labs and test ( about 60 different labs). I went through professor mess site and even purchased his total test. There are about 700 questions in the engine and I was getting scores over 90 percent. I spent a good 70 hours studying within this time frame. Despite passing all the test with a high percentile, I still didnt feel like I was ready for the test.

Test day came and I ran out of time on the test. I got a 662 out 900. I had 12 questions left.

I scheduled the retake a week later.

I reviewed my material and studied for about 40 additional hours. I felt better going into the test , especially after being able to to see some of the questions.

Test day came and I was able to complete all the questions. I was confident that I had passed this time and didnt feel comfortable with one of the lab based questions and roughly 15 questions.

The results came up and I got a 635 out 900. That felt like a kick to the face. Needless to say , i was mad with myself for not studying sooner and I only have myself to blame for the failure.

Despite the failure , I intend on studying for another month before taking it again. If i wait any longer, I will forget the stuff that I've learned up to this point.

One thing I want to mention about the test is that most of my questions felt like they are all scenario based. The questions that you get in these test engines online and books are straight forward questions. i.e. what is a router? what is switch? All im saying is dont expect questions like this on the test.

I also noticed that some of questions they ask are not referenced at all in any of the books . I even purchased additional videos and pdf just to see if i could find information about some of the missing topics and I still haven't seen them. One topic i would suggest learing about is Point to Point wireless connections for building to building and configuration. I cant find anything that goes into detail about this.

Good luck to anyone taking this test in the future.


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    Try Professor Messer. His videos are free and you can watch them and that will fill up any gaps you may have. His videos are HIGHLY recommended for any of the CompTia exams.

    Good luck you will pass :)
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    This is what I found about what you were stuck on....

    Point to Point connections AKA P2P: https://fluidmesh.com/point-to-point-wireless/

    That is all I could find for you online.... I hope it helps you out!
    In the darkest hour, there is always a way out - Eve ME3 :cool:
    “The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.” – Thane Krios
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    Did you use Mike Meyer's All-In-One book? I used that when I took the 005 version of the test. I have heard of the newer version being harder. I've never used Professor Messor myself, but as ITSpectre said a lot of people recommend his materials.
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    Have you tried the Transcender practice tests? They're a little expensive but I've found them to be more than valuable when studying for any cert
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    Prof Messer series on Youtube is a great source for study material online. If you are investing in study materials you can also grab the CompTIA A+ Review Guide. Its a great book that goes over bullet points and the essentials of the cert.
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    Here's my advice for the CompTIA exams:

    Download and scan through the CompTIA Network+ objectives. Use it as a check list and mark off each area you feel near 100% confident in. It's helpful as it shows you all the possible topics that could appear in the exam in case you have missed anything. There are also acronyms in the back which are very helpful. Go through these objectives thoroughly and don't miss out on anything.


    I also found Professor Messers videos very helpful as he goes into incredible detail and helps you understand how something works with a demonstration in most of the videos. You will see his name pop up a lot in these forums as he is highly recommended.

    Professor Messer's CompTIA N10-006 Network+ Training Course | Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses

    I would also recommend taking a few practice exams beforehand to make sure you definitely know your stuff (and not waste your money). ExamCompass is free and pretty good but if you have the money to hand I would definitely recommend MeasureUp as it allows you to customise your test if you are struggling on certain areas and provides a certification mode, timed exam. You can also review your questions after and it explains why the answer was what it is and why the other options are not.

    CompTIA Network+ Practice Test Questions | Exam N10-006
    CompTIA Network+

    Advice for the real exam:

    - Skip the simulation questions and leave them until last. They take the most time to complete and you will lose track of time if you attempt these first. Get the multiple choice out the way first.
    - Flag questions you are not 100% sure on. Only answer the questions that you know, and come back to the flagged questions at the end.
    - Do not change your answer. In most cases, the first answer you put is the correct one even if you go with your gut instinct. If you have answered a question, don't flag it, just stick with your answer.
    - READ THE QUESTION. Sometimes there is extra info in the question that the brain may automatically skim through without paying attention. Read the question, then the answer, then read the question again.

    Hope this helps.
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