Passed the NETWORK+ Today!!!

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Finally passed the network+ after failing it before!! Scored a 739 and need a 720.
I used the Exam Cram book, Professor Messer Vids, CBT nuggets videos and the transcendar practice test.
This is my first Certification. SO what's next? I need a little help Tech family. I don't know which one I should complete first.
The MCSA for windows 10 or The MCSA for Server 2012? My boss has purposed that I should do the desktop infrastructure first.
Any suggestions?
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    Congratulations! As far as which one to do next it really depends on what your interests and goals are. However, if your boss suggested you go with Desktop Infrastructure first I'd go with that :)
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    Well done!
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    Great! What certs are you going to tackle next?
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    Congrats bro im studying for the Network+ now
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    Congrats. If your boss has suggested to go for the Windows 10 exam first then go for that, however I would highly recommend the Server Infrastructure next. Server 2012 is widely used among large firms and businesses, and is the core element of any business. Wherever you go it will be needed and highly recognized. Windows 10 is still a fairly new OS and most businesses won't be upgrading to it any time soon. Windows 7 still seems to be the favorite because its reliable. It will look more favorable to have networking and servers under your belt first.
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    Congrats man I'm taking the Network + in the future too.
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    Congrats!! :)
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    I still need to take this exam.

    How hard is it by the way?
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