Passed 901/902!

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I have been studying for my associates degree in networking systems management and interning at a small SaaS company, but I wanted to start collecting certs before I was finished with my degree. I took the A+ Monday and passed the 901 and 902! Studied for about a month and took both tests in one day. I am hoping to go get my Net+ next month and then start studying for Security +. Will have my associates in December and want to have the 3 COMPTIA certs as i start my career. My end goal is to get into security, but I have heard it takes many many years before most companies will trust/hire you. I was also planning on taking my CCNA, because the school i attend is a Cisco Academy. Does the Net+ and ccent sorta compare in information?


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    Take care on accumulating too many certifications without experience. It is good to have an understanding of information, but that does not make one more employable, it does (to me) look like someone is into collecting paper. Then again, I'm old school and actually want people around me who have a clue what they are doing unless I hire them to be trained and taught.

    As far as is there overlap between NET+ and CCNA, well, keep in mind the CompTIA certs are vendor neutral. The CompTIA certs provide a baseline of knowledge on topics. CCNA will show one is more familiar with Cisco products. Candidates will need an understanding of basic networking to be successful with any vendor product, so there is overlap most definitely. Meaning you will not waste time by starting with NET+ and moving forward from there.
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    Congrats man!!!
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    Congratulations !!
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    Thanks for the advice. I feel like I'm more confirming my pre existing knowledge than collecting papers. I will have two years in my current IT job by the time i graduate. Not perfect experience, but it's helpdesk/network/security/server admin knowledge in small bits. And my degree is aimed at being a Cisco boot camp for the CCNA, that's why i was asking. Taking the A+, Net+, and Sec+ on top of being good for my resume also gets me a letter grade improvement in the respective classes at the school. Sort of an insurance policy for those classes. Just glad to know I'm not taking them and them be useless icon_smile.gif
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    Congrats!! :)
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