Passed CISSP exam on 2nd attempt 5July16

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I have experience in network administration and some programming.

Study Material:

Sybex 7th edition and test banks, ISC2 Official CBK 4th edition, Quizlet flashcards and (website).

Time Frame and experience:

I took a 4 week course with 2 week breaks in between with a primary focus on using the CBK as a reference guide and used the Sybex test banks. I took the exam the 1st time 2 weeks after completing the course and scored a 602 and realized buying the CBK may not have been the best choice.

I then took 1 month to study for the 2nd exam and read the Sybex book page-by-page, hammered away at the test banks and found my weak areas and reread those chapters in the Sybex book. Then when I started to score at least 80% or higher cumulative in the test banks I watched the videos from The lady does a really great job in breaking down the vocabulary and concepts into logical structures. This really helped me a lot especially for the non-technical areas in the domains. The videos brought my score to around 92% on the test banks.

Another great tool that really helped me was the quizlet flashcards on the ISO/IEC, NIST SP 800 series and the SDLC models.

However, I did study 3-4 hours on weekdays and sometimes 7-8 hours on the weekends. Lol yeah I got really burnt out and took the last 3 days off before the exam and took a day here and there.

I hope you find this useful and let me know what you ya'll think.


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