First Attempt at 70-410

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Took my first wack at the 410 today and failed with a 653/1000 icon_sad.gif close.

I need to vent a little bit here. I was by no means overconfident but I'm somewhat shocked after seeing what the 410 actually looks like. I have been working solely in the sys admin role for about 3 years, I even built our 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster for our company. I have been studying lightly for about a year and got very focused within the last 2 months. I used KnowledgeNet courses/quizzes paid for by my company and took their live classes. I also used the Mark Minasi book (but I will be honest I skimmed through it) and Certblaster (since I found certblaster helpful in the past). Recently, I could get 90% on any type of 410 quiz. The actual exam was very different than I thought. It felt like it was 60%-75% powershell everything. I can even say that I completely understand subnetting. I figured it would give me an edge, but I only remember about 2-3 subnetting questions. I have 3 more retakes built into my voucher so I'll try again in another two weeks. I'm going to spend my time re-reading the Mark Minasi book very carefully and make sure I know ALL powershell commands. I feel a bit like my score doesn't reflect my knowledge of the 410 material but simply "my knowledge of the 410 material and how do it all with powershell". I've passed the A+, Net+, Serv+ first try and MS clearly makes those exams seem "easy".


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    MCSA 2012 is no joke. One of the hardest exam sets. I failed mine multiple times as well, while I'm usually "passed on the 1st attempt" type of person and tend to overprepare.
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    These exams are tough. Many Systems Admins with several years of experience have failed multiple times. I think the toughest thing is that there are several different ways to accomplish a particular task and Microsoft almost requires you to know all of them for the exam.
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    I have to agree it's a very hard exam to pass. I have failed it like 3 times already and every time i take it i get more and more pissed off. This time around i took about 3 months off from doing the exam or doing any study. I'm back on it again, but this time i'm taking my time on reading the stuff and trying to understand it more. All you could do is keep pushing it. I"m about to buy my voucher for the 4 exam trial.... that way just in case I fail i still have more chances.

    Just need to remember where I seen the link for it.

    Good luck and keep pushing.
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