passed CISSP 7/12/16

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I started my study with Sec+(for a Month) then did my SSCP afterwards(3 weeks since it is similar to Sec+ exam).I passed the exam on both. Afterwards I studied for CISSP(a little more than 2 months). All of this was self-study so you don’t need expensive boot camp to pass this exam unless you have money to spare/ or company paying for it.

Study material:

Sybex ISC2 official study guide 7th edition
Eric conrads 3rd Edition.

Cybrary Videos
CCCure test questions.

I first read Sybex book, no note taking just read it per domain, after each domain I would watch Cybrary videos. After finishing the Sybex book which took bout 2 weeks of 3-4 hours of study daily and 5-8hours on weekends. I then read Eric Conrads 3rd edition book.
After reading 3rd edition. I took the Sybex 1st test scoring 71% didn’t review it just copied the link like everyone was saying so you can go back to it later. Watch cybrary videos and subscribed to CCCure test. Never did 250 exam on this. What I did was batch of 20 on each domain to find out what my weak areas were.
Scores I got for the rest of the Sybex exams; 66%, 68% and 78% for 2nd,3rd and 4th respectively.
CCCure test: only oh HARD mode like most said to do here in the forum. I did about 25 test(20 questions each) averaging 70%. The last two I did yesterday I had 60%, which made me really worried.


The exam was hard. From the start of it I feel like I was guessing on all the answers. Only few(20-30) questions I was 100% of the correct answer the rest like everyone says 50/50 on the 2 answers and some pure guessing(answered C on some of them since I remember Kelly saying if you don’t know the answer, choose C) lol didn’t do that for all, I just remembered that when I was taking the test. I watched the video at least 4-5times. The exam was pretty straight forward to me, no tricky questions on any of them like lots of people had on this forum. No need to memorize anything just need to understand the concept. I felt my exam was focused on SDLC/BCP/DRP/. I took 5mins break when I got to 100 which was about 2hrs in the exam. I then took another break after completing the 250 questions with about 1.5hrs left in the exam. I worked my way backwards after that 250 going all the way to 1. I changed about 20 answers I had.

Advice to people still reviewing. Don’t spend your time on practice test. Do it to just see how you do on each domain and spend more time reading/watching Cybrary videos and understand the concept. Good luck guys.


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