Passed 18th July - 1st Attempt

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I have been wanting to get the CISSP for a few years now but never strung together any study time.I have 10 years of IT System Administration experience with 4 in InfoSec. I started studying about 8 weeks back with 2-3 hours everyday and 4-5 on weekends, seriously overdrawn on wife-credit.

Study material:

Sybex ISC2 official study guide 7th edition
Eric conrads 3rd Edition.
Sunflower Notes
Cybrary Videos
CCCure test questions.
Transcender test questions.
Like with all my certs, I started with the official guide but soon found out it was mind numbingly boring and I could never finish it, gave up in 3 days. Moved onto Sybex and that one was much better, gunned through it a couple of times. Took the tests that accompany the book,I like doing it online,
I then went through the Cybrary videos and Kelly does an amazing job but I dont like the non-tech ways that she and Shon Harris use to explain stuff like Kerberos. I then used the Eric Conrad 3rd ed and this book is by far the most bang for the buck out of all resources. Took the tests that accompany the book, they are free,
I was done with the material in about 5 weeks,then onto Transcender and CCCure, in hindsight both are useless and their language and focus is totally off. Save your money and buy the Sybex and Conrad, the tests with those are more than enough rather than waste time on 4000 odd useless questions.
My suggestion would be to not be a techie, think like a manager(I hate that, I'm the guy on the team who always needs a technical explanation), focus on process,flow as per the various models and methodologies. Also, make sure you make your own concise notes for studying.I booked a mid-afternoon test and the exam was pretty much similar in style and feel to the CISM I did last year.You never know if you are doing good, two almost correct answers on every question and time is your enemy with some questions. I blitzed through the first 100 questions and then took a break after 90 minutes. I then took 2 more breaks at questions that were driving me nuts. The breaks helped me clear my head, I did the whole test in about 4 hours and spent some 20 minutes reviewing questions I had flagged. A couple of trick language questions that I had misread in my first hour blitz. I stepped out and the printer was churning more than 2 pages, my heart sank but luckily it was the result for a different guy and the proctor smiled and handed me my letter.Phew! What an effort...
It is more of a slow and steady prep and exam, good luck to all waiting on their exams, let me know if I can be of any help, apart from the actual questions!!


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