Is the dummies book any good?

sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
I just looked it up on the net and the latest version was published way back in 2003, so I'm wondering how up to date it is.

I don't really care if it doesn't include some of the new things, i'm only buying it because I'm starting a 5 day class on April 10 and I don't want to invest in any of the heavy duty books yet cuz I want to wait and see what they provide, but i want to get a jump on the studying and all I expect from this book is to give me some of the basics I need to learn and give me a bit of a foundation for jumping into the "real" books.

I've been trying to become as proficient as I can with subnetting and going over some of the basic stuff like the OSI model, but without a book yet it's very hard to have a focus and move forward, so I'm hoping the dummies book would at least point me in the right direction and get the ball rolling a bit faster and give me something I can be learning up until the class starts.


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    its a good read, but by all means do not make that your only book. It is definately lacking in many areas.
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    SieSie Member Posts: 1,195
    Never read it for CCNA personally though if its like the others in series i would only use it as a start point.

    After all its aimed at "dummies" not people who are CCNA material.
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    petedudepetedude Member Posts: 1,510
    It's a good overview and starting point. You might skip over their subnetting section and wait to read Lammle's.

    They also have good supplemental materials on the CD, as well as a decent study sites list (though many of the sites have shut down since).

    I seem to recall they also have supplementary materials on the 'net, but it's been too long since I've been to the Dummies page.
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    HumperHumper Member Posts: 647
    What would you guys suggest as a good review book after I finish the Sybex book?
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