All 5 AWS Certs - DevOps Pro Passed

​I passed the DevOps Pro exam this afternoon and now hold all 5 AWS certifications. I'm DevOps Pro #996 and people estimate that less than 100 people worldwide hold all 5 certs.

This one was rough. Most people rate the difficulty of this test between the SysOps Associate and the CSA-Pro. I felt this test was harder than the CSA-Pro and barely scraped by with a passing score. In fact, I may have accidentally found the floor for passing scores, but a pass is a pass.

55% of this test is Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment. Besides CloudFormation, I don't have experience with these tools or processes and it showed. Easily half the questions dealt with some type of deployment, redeployment, or update. A/B, Blue/Green, swap URLs, AutoScaling launch configs, CloudFormation stack updates - any way you could update an application had several paragraph-long questions and answers about it. I haven't struggled in an exam like this in a long time. Make sure you have experience with the CI/CD tools before you attempt this one.

The only 'SysOps' section on High Availability and Elasticity I aced. I don't lab - at all - for any cert. This one I did because EB and OpsWorks just weren't clicking for me. I purchased a month subscription to QwikLabs and I'm glad I did. The labs aren't amazing, but they helped, and I probably would not have passed without them.


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