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Hey, Everyone

I'm looking to acquire Cisco IOS for GSN3. What IOS would be most ideal? Where can I acquired Cisco IOS?

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    The only place to legally obtain IOS is through a service contract with Cisco. More nefarious methods will not be discussed here.
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    You can't beat using real equipment so consider buying yourself a small lab to learn with.
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    I do have a lab. I have four routers and three switches, but these equipment consume too much power especially during the summer time with the AC. Lol So i was told it's possible to use Cisco IOS in GSN3, can i extract my IOS into GSN3? or can i provide my serial number to Cisco on my equipment for IOS download or something? Then again the equipment I own are used.
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    If you have the physical gear, pull the compact flash card out and move the file to your pc via card reader. If your gear does not have a compact flash card; connect it to your computer, put them on the same network, move it to your computer via ftp.
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