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I need some serious help, with this course. I have watched most of the videos, and have not gained much from them.
My main problem is I have no programming background at all.

I hope I posted this in the right place.


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    There was zero question in your post, so it would be impossible to know what your issue is. You want us to teach programming to you?

    Also, I'm assuming this is something your instructor (or mentor at WGU?) should be told if your having a specific problem with a course.
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    dbzrfl wrote: »
    I have watched most of the videos, and have not gained much from them.

    Of course you're not going to gain much from blowing through videos in regards to programming. You learn programming by actually doing it yourself and not by watching others!

    Practice, practice and more practice is what you need to do...

    Write and troubleshoot some scripts, setup a few VMs so some have environment to run them in ect...
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    Which language do you need help with? I can throw in a couple of helpful links here.

    Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial - Quick interactive tutorial site. Python isn't the only language tutorial on the site as they have other sister domains for other languages. - Covers many languages and related technologies revolving web development. - Covers pretty much most of the subjects in grade schools including programming course.
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    I had no programming knowledge. I just forced myself to learn PowerShell and trying it, you learn by doing. Videos are great for basic understanding of the fundamentals. But doing it will give you RL experience
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    Python is the language. I will give the links a shot.
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