Passed, thoughts inside.

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Passed N10-006 today after about 9 total hours of studying. I do have a sec+ which attributed to about 30% of the objectives. I also have some years doing infrastructure and light networking that also adds to my resume. Reason to get this cert was that for some reason, companies love CompTIA even at my level. I also will be moving from CA to TX at the end of year, and if I piece of paper makes me look more attractive, than ill validate skills and go through the trouble.

Some thoughts;

Study all objectives in the course listed.
Its can be quite tricky, I opted to use the entire time to go over it three times.
For studying, I briefly watched some of Prof. Messer videos and used the study guide he offers.
I thought a dozen questions were poorly worded even though I knew the content behind what was asked.
I happen to have enjoyed my sims.
If any of you play around with home routers, then the knowledge would help greatly.

After this test, I have RHCSA that I will be learning from scratch that I hope to pass early Sept.


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    Just 9 hours of studying? Impressive. Congrats and good luck on the RHCSA, I know that is one hell of a test!
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    All the best,

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    Thanks Guys! Actually switching to rush Linux 3 in 1 before month end! Then will pursue CCNA
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    Gezz another CA moving to TX LOL, JK congrats
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