Passed CISSP 8/20

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Hello guys thanks to Dr. Eric Cole and SANS i was able to pass the CISSP yesterday. I just wanted to give you all some heads up about what I remember from the test:

1. I got about five questions on polyinstantiation. Which was very very briefly covered if it all in my training. If you take your time and do some deduction you can get it down to a 50/50 without really knowing the concept. I would read up on it for sure for upcoming test takers.

2. I got 3 or 4 questions on L2TP. Two I believe were multiple choice and there were two in a scenario question.

3. Know your web application vulnerabilities. I got one question each on XSS, SQL injection, and Clickjacking. I would recommend making sure you know how OWASP top ten vulnerabilities exploit web apps.

Also my test taking tip would be to do a data **** at the beginning of the exam. At the pearson location they gave me an eraseable marker and 4 page pad. The first thing i did was write down all the ordered lists i committed to memory like the 6 step incident response, the attack kill chain, all of the symmetric and asymmetric ciphers etc. I did that for about 10 minutes before i started the test and it helped me in the log run (4 hours later).

Much success to you all!icon_thumright.gif


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