Taking CEH early September

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Greetings everyone icon_smile.gif This is my first post here on TechExams.

I will be taking my CEH exam around the first two weeks of September. I have been in the IT field for roughly 7 years but had been more on the HelpDesk and SysAdmin side of things. I am beginning my transition into security. I earned my Security + certification back in 2013 but was a young knucklehead and let it expire, unfortunately. I am all set with paying $500.00 for a college course where someone will teach me for 3 months on things that I already know, just to turn around and pay full price for the certification; that's why I will be doing this on my own time.

The resources I've been using:

Previous knowledge in IT
My CCNA college course material
CEH v9 Study Guide by Sean-Philip Oriyano
Forums from numerous tech sites

I am excited to get back on the certification train. It has been too long and I am in need of a challenge and something to kick start my career. I realize this is an entry level certification, but I am getting it to help build a foundation for myself.



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    Best of luck!
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    Good luck buddy!

    I would recommend adding Matt Walkers All in One book (maybe even in place of the sybex) and maybe even the Boson ExamSim - both of those helped me a bunch!
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