Palo Alto pre-requisite knowledge?

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So I have gotten access to Palo Alto at work but have no experience with it. So my question is simple, what is the background or existing knowledge that you neeed to have in order to support Palo Alto firewalls? Is it easy to pick up ? Where should i start if im lacking any pre-requisite requirements?


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    This seems like a good place to get started.
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    Yeah i already have access to the portal and the documentation. My question was more towards what existing knowledge or experience that helped the people here transition to supporting Palo Alto firewalls.
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    Understanding of how a firewall works and CCNA level networking concepts.
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    Use Panorama!! But seriously, take a PA-200 home (if you can) and setup it up and use it for practice. Like CarlSaiyed stated if you have CCNA level networking concepts and understand how firewalls work you should be good. Again nothing beats hands on work. Ask you PAN System Engineer as well for a training session if you can.
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    If you aren't used to a firewall that does delta configurations and staged configuration - that will be new. Like if you are used to using a cisco ASA you understand as soon as you hit enter.. well that is that.. with the PAs (and Junipers as PA was started by folks from Juniper i heard) you can stage your configs save it and then commit the changes at a later change window or more convenient time.
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    Time to start getting some CCNA knowlege then.
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