Passed Security+ 9/15/2016 !!!

pikachueypikachuey Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□

Exam: 72 Questions + 6 PBQ

Personal Info: 7+ years in the IT industry starting from Call Centre Support to presently Systems Eng. role.
Study Length: 1 month
Materials used: GCGA Study Guide, GCGA Premium (Basic Bundle), CBT Nuggets Videos, CertMaster(Not recommended as study guide, only useful for the 10HR of CE and it came with the exam bundle)

Like everyone that has taken the exam, I am amazed on how the questions really test your knowledge. So many curve-balls on the way their word their scenario's. You really need to dissect the material and pick out those key words. You really need to understand the concepts of the multiple choice answers that are listed, that will REALLY help with 'process of elimination' type of answering.

Best of luck, and thank you all for keeping this forum alive!


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