Booked CCSA for October 22nd having not looked at study material at all

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Hey all,

I scraped through CCNA on Saturday (having booked the re-sit on Wednesday) and told my wife it was too stressful, I need to be more prepared next time.

Then yesterday I went on the Pearson Vue website to see if they offer Checkpoint exams and I booked my CCSA for a month away. Oops. But the deadline helps motivate me to study.

I used the Gaia GUI at work for changing and pushing policies but I have never touched the CLI. General maintenance, backing up and monitoring is not in my remit. I don't setup or manage VPN's so there is a lot of new material.

I am going to use r76 CBT nuggets, and the Checkpoint Administrators Guide and I also have two official looking manuals 'Security Administration Student Manual' and 'Security Administration Lan Manual' kindly lent to me by a colleague who did a course.

Here we go!


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    Good Luck!

    I definitely recommenced going through all the various admin guides. This is certainly a lot of content to cover, but none of it is deeply technical, and if you're working with CP products at work I think you'll be able to absorb content quite easily.
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    hi doxthefox,

    Agreed, it does seem to be sinking in quite well although I definitely won't be counting my chickens yet!

    I have installed the Gaia 77.3 on VMWare locally and SmartDashboard on my PC. I am not going bother getting everything setup exactly per the lab book I have, but I will have a play around with the labs.

    Fingers crossed, exam is a month today. I'll be gutted if I don't pass icon_sad.gif £150 down the tubes.
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    Studies are progressing well. I have read the study manual cover to cover (it's only small) and moved onto CBT nuggets. Once I have completed the nuggets I will have a look at the official guide on the website then go back over some stuff. I'll also have a look through these threads for study tips.

    I've been playing around with my local SmartDashboard install too. Just over 3 weeks to the exam.

    (This study is a thousand times more organised than my CCNA study was!).
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    Quite a lot of employers are asking for CheckPoint, Palo Alto and F5 certs or experience. Keep it up and share your experiences. I will like to take on one of these materials early next year.
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    Yes keep us informed,many are seeing security certs means only ceh,cissp but checkpoint certs are also valuable in my opinion.
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