assed Security+ 9/19/2016 !!!

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I passed yesterday with a score of 780/900 and I am not ashamed of that score. I have worked in a NOC environment (admittedly) most of it on the back-end, provisioning, etc but still. This test was much harder than the CCNA, I recently passed earlier this year. Make no mistake about it. You better have some knowledge of networking. I used Darril Gibson's book, while good, it's NOT enough to pass.

I encountered some question, that had me like, are you serious? I look at this is being so sheltered I guess but I stand by what I said. This isn't an entry level test. When you take, you better have a basic understanding.

What should you study?
Technical, operational, and management controls
Off the wall, wireless scenarios
Web based attacks


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    Congrats on your pass! Very surprised you found it more difficult than CCNA. Whats up next?
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    You really need a P before that first word, or a "c" instead of those 2 "s".
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    assed? aced? what? Congrats.:D
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    Congratss on your *ass you miss the P :D:D:D:D
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    HAHA! Based on the title I though you were bragging about failing. Remember: never forget to "P" at the very beginning. LOL

    Congrats then! icon_smile.gif
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    CCNA was probably easier for you because you work in the networking field, that being said, congrats! and what's next?
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    Congrats on the pass. It is a challenging exam, so good on you for conquering it.

    @cyberguypr...I always recommend that before an exam. Too funny.
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    Congrats on the pass! Totally was a hard test for me too. I got a 781.
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    Reminds me of Requiem of a Dream.
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    Thanks for all the support. Yeah, I tried to edit the title with little success. Anyway, regarding my career path. I have been in the IT field since I was 18. I am now 36 and most of that time has been in a NOC environment. With my experience, I am doing pretty well, but now I want more of a challenge. I also want and know I can make more money. So, security has always interested me.

    From my research there appears to be two competing paths. One suggests going down the networking (R/S) route until the CCNP level, and then focus on the security side. I can see that argument, because I do believe you need a foundation in networking. Also, if all else fails, you will 100% find a job doing networking admin/engineering work. The second line of thinking is going straight for the security certs. My problem with that track is I don't have the experience with SOC methods, tools, etc. It seems now, I may have to take a Tier 1 SOC level job and build the experience. I will be honest with you, that right now or probably will never be an option. So, I don't know.

    I will take remaining of the week off to think some things out. Coming Monday though, I will be back on that grind, on whatever track I choose. I would love to hear all suggestions.
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    Kalabaster wrote: »
    You really need a P before that first word, or a "c" instead of those 2 "s".
    Well played.
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