Passed CISSP

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I passed CISSP this past weekend and to my surprised it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I studied for about 2-3 weeks, but I did take CISM in June, so that material helped immensely, as with all information attained from previous certifications. I didn't use much material for studying, but the following stuff I did use played a key part in passing: - Watch this.....more than once until you have a good grasp.
CCCure - Must have this! Explains why the answer is the correct answer and why the wrong answers are the wrong answers!
11th Hour - Didn't really dive into it, screened Domains 1 & 8.

That's all folks! The most difficult part of the exam was the length, so fatigue comes into play. Be sure to take breaks (I took 5). If you don't know an answer flag it and press on to the next. Another note: It's an international exam, so anything US or country specific, don't even waste your time studying i.e. NIST, FIPS, etc.


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