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Has anyone been to a SecureWorld Expo? I was thinking about going to the one in Denver coming up and I wanted an opinion on it. Is it good hands on information? Is it worth it to get the upgraded pass or is the $30 entrance fee good enough? Any other opinions on the conference? My background is networking, but I don't have much experience on cyber security but that's what I want to get into. Thanks.


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    Honestly, it depends on what you're hoping to get out of it.

    SecureWorld isn't an in-depth technical conference like BlackHat/DefCon, B-Sides, or others. Instead, expect to hear a lot of high-level talks given by some of the thought leaders in the security space. The SecureWorld Expo event for Dallas was a few days ago, and Larry Ponemon spoke about the costs of insider threat, there was another on the importance of sharing threat intel, and some other fairly interesting ones. The catch is that most of the speakers are also employed by product vendors, so their talks are given through the lens of how the products their company makes provide the silver bullet to your security problems.
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    I attended it back in March, very beneficial for getting into security in my experience.
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    I'm going this Wednesday. Going over the itinerary, I'm hoping I get a few ideas for security policies. Seems like it's geared more towards that rather than the technical side of things like dmoore said.
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    This depends on your knowledge of Information Security. You may want to go to network with others.
    There are some very technical talks but most are higher level. YMMV as it depends on the speakers and their topics. I have been going for quite some time and use it for the CPE's and to networking.
    There are 20% discounts for ISSA and (ISC)2 members.

    Good Luck. If you decide to go, have a good time.
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    Thank you all! I appreciate your willingness to share info and experiences. I've signed up and I'm going on Wednesday.
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    I'll be there tomorrow, too. Hope to see markulous and you, OP.
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