Passes 70-410

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It's done!! Took me two attempts but it's all over now.
First attempt was back in February, failed with 654 I think, can't remember the exact score and today I passed with 726!!!
I only studied the last month or so and unfortunately I didn't have enough time to lab as much as I wanted. I was ready to reschedule but I thought since I got the booster pack this time I might as well give it a go.
Walking to the exam center I was really nervous. Usually I don't stress at all but today I really felt the pressure.
I'd say that this time it looked a bit easier. For example the first time I had about 6-7 questions that I didn't have a clue about! Today I only had 1 of them (IPv6 subnetting). I was prepared better on GPOs this time but I only got a few questions. I dare to say that most of the questions were about DHCP and DNS surprisingly.
Used Don Poulton's Book as main resource, MS exam ref for extra notes and Cybrary+ Plurasight for vids.

Already booked my 411 for next month. I'll take this week off, start and finish Witcher 3 latest DLC:D and back on it again from next Monday!

PS Any suggestions about 411 books. I got MS Exam ref and O'Rilley all in one but I don't really trust neither of them


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    All the best,

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    That's awesome you passed the exam. I'm looking forward on passing it this month.
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    Congrats !
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    Cheers! I may take this exam in 2017.
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