Discontinued product on the exam

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I have been studying for the 70-697 exam and have just got up to looking into Azure RemoteApp.

After trying to lab it, I found out that it has been discontinued by MS as they are going to be moving forward with Citrix XenApp instead. Will this still be on the exam?

I understand that it is still in the exam objectives, but will they ask you questions on a discontinued app that you can't even use to learn it?

I'm new to MS exams, I'm sure this must have happened before though, anyone had any experience with this type of situation?


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    I'm sure they'll take any questions related to Azure RemoteApp out. I managed to lab it properly before the exam in Aug but then found out a week later it was discontinued. I reckon looking at the CBT Nuggets section on it will be enough. However I got a nasty question on Branchcache and it is not even in the objectives at all. Whether the testing engine knows I've got 70-680 and threw another question about Branchcache I don't know.
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    Thanks Culpano. I just didn't know if the exam was set when the objectives were finalised or whether the questions would change over time.
    I'll have a quick whip through it just in case, but I won't focus on it too much. It's quite hard to be motivated to learn a product that has been discontinued
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    I totally agree. This was a very hard exam for me even though I passed it on first take. The fact you have to sign up for Office 365, Intune, Azure etc it doesn't make it easy. The Intune stuff don't worry about the interface changes. As long as you know the essentials you should be fine. Just know the policies, how to deploy apps, updates, reporting, how to enrole devices etc. Actually do it. I don't get too hung up on Powershell but there seemed to be more on this than the other exams. I am starting 70-698 soon (I needed a break from exams) but that one is very much the desktop exam and I'm glad as it won't require signing up for the cloud services again and struggling though the interfaces.
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    I would definitely leave feedback at the end of the exam if you see something that doesn't pertain to the objectives. I know it probably won't do any good since you get your pass or fail score at the end of the exam. I'm pretty sure they do this in beta exams, so they can exclude bad test questions or discontinued content.
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    I sat in on the exam Friday, 10/21 and I had a few questions in regard to Azure RemoteApp. I passed as well but it was tough.
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