CASP PASSED - 10/11/2016 - First attempt

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I had seven "simulations" (five were drag-and-drop, only two were legitimate simulations), and then seventy-three multiple-choice. I got to number fifteen out of eighty, and was certain I'd be failing. By number thirty, I regretted wasting four hundred dollars, and thinking what else I should have spent that money on. Then after the test, I was trudging through the demographics survey, I got to the results page, and it said "PASSED." I had to read the entire thing to make sure it didn't say Failed out of Passed or something, but it was a pass. Shocked and ecstatic don't even begin to describe how I feel.

I started studying for it two months ago, with the plan of taking it at the end of November/early December. But then I got a new job I'm starting next week, and knew my studying would lose its priority to learning my new job. So I doubled up on my study efforts the last couple weeks, and jumped on the test early. I read one of the free books on Safari, and watched the Cybrary.It lecture series. I also took the CEH back in May as part of the WGU MS program, and the knowledge in attacks and penetration testing/vulnerability analysis I got from studying for that definitely helped out as well.

Overall, I'd say the test is incredibly hard, and there was definitely some luck on my side in a few of the guesses I took on questions. But the number one thing that I'd say helped me get the pass: Listening to Katy Perry's "Roar" on repeat on my way to the testing center. Without that, I would've failed. Guaranteed. icon_cool.gif


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