70-411 Passed

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Just taken and passed 70-411 with 737; close, but it's the right side of close!

Anyone looking to take the exam I suggest brushing up on your PowerShell commandlets, this massively threw me off in the exam how much there was.

I used:
CBTNuggets 70-411 course
MS Exam Ref 70-411
YouTube series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKWqPrqG4yyTb9yrfzDBBiq9hZCeO5ZyV
Labbed as much as i could (except I didn't do NPS and Radius.. i took a gamble, I know)

Best of luck to everyone else on their exam commitments :)
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    I took the exam today and failed with a score of 496. I have to say it is a beast of an exam and wasn't expecting to pass.
    There are plenty of questions on NPS and Powershell Commands appear alot. To prepare I was using MeasureUp, PluralSight and the Microsoft Exam Ref Book. I didn't purchase the booster pack where I qualify for a second shot but I think I will need it now. It appears like they have re-named second shot to 'Microsoft Exam Replay'
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    All the best,

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    Congrats! I recently failed it myself with a score of 568, or was it 562. Either way, no bueno. In all honesty thou, I feel like it wasn't necessarily a really hard test, I felt I was able to make some strong educated guesses on questions I wasn't sure of. I take it again on November 16th. I plan to watch some more videos on Youtube, lab some more and I purchsed a measureup practice test which gives good explanations for right and wrong answers. Hopefully i'll pass this time.
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    congrats. got my first try this Nov 30. not expecting to pass. just want to make use of the booster pack I bought :D
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    Congrats! The Cybex book is really just touching the surface of the content that you should know. Any suggestions on books?
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