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I have passed the VCP5, VCAP5-DCA/DCD and VCP-NV exams. All are due for renewal by next June.

My understanding is that a single VCAP exam on vSphere 6 (design I guess) would renew the VCP and VCAPs. Would it also extend the NV? Cisco does this, no matter which "product line" you certify in, they all renew, as "continued education", which is fair.

I intend to do the VCIX-NV once I get some actual hands on with the product, the Canadian market isn't big enough for us to have many opportunities to deploy this. Hopefully next year!
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    It renews the VCP-DCV, and you continue to be VCAP on v5 or whatever it is that you have. Not sure about NV.
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    For starters, the VCAPs dont expire, just the VCPs that do. From what I have caught on in the vExpert/VCIX slack forums, you now require a valid VCP:NV/VCP6:NV to be able to take the VCIX:NV (which I see you do). When you pass the VCIX:NV, it'll renew your VCPs.
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