CISSP Pass!!

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I passed CISSP yesterday 11/6/16

in less than 30 days I have picked up CASP , CSM and passed CISSP

Feedback on exam prep and test experience

1. This is my second time taking CISSP ( I missed the first one by around 80 points or so and finished in 2 hours)
2. Resources used ..... Sybex CISSP , Sean Harris CISSP , Real IT pro TV, Infosec Boot camp with Kenneth Magee, I flew out from Honolulu to VA to the boot camp( can not say enough good things about this course!)
3. Prep time - hard to say ... I took the test back in February 2016 and failed studied 30 days for that one. I would say I picked up the studying again around June so from June 2016 until November 2016.
4. Test experience and recommendations- Read each question twice.. for example read the question take a breath and slowly read the question again looking for key words such as "not" and try to do a bit of root cause Analysis on it ... what exactly is being asked. I start from the bottom of the answer set and work my way up, even if the answer jumps right out at me I still made it a point to test each answer to the question to ensure I made a good choice. After choosing an answer I took another look at the question with the answer that I chose. Every 60 questions I took a break then when I reached 100 and 200 questions I took a break. Breaks were around 5 min each, during which I would go to the bathroom and wash my face or run cold water under my hands to help keep the stress level down. I chose not to go back and review the questions that I marked, because I felt i spent enough time choosing an answer that I did not overlook any small parts the question was looking for. I took around 4 or 5 hours to finish up the exam.

5. Boot Camp experience- Kenneth was great and I look forward to attending another course.

I am currently working on the endorsement process by reworking my resume . I will pick up a CISSP endorser one I get back to work.

What is next ?

Next I am going to work on CISM then PMP these will have to wait until January or so maybe later . All of this flying around and staying in hotels is killing my pocket book.


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    Congrats. Keep it up. Can you please tell that was exam more technical or managerial?
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    More technical or Managerial ? a bit of both but if I had to put the CISSP in one or the other then I would choose Managerial (Just like everyone else)

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    For online endorsement application with CISSP endorser, I did not have to submit a resume. Just had to list applicable jobs with contact information and applicable domains for Job History. I did re-do my resume, loaded it up with IAspeak, and used that for the job description part of the Job History.
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