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bamahonkybamahonky Member Posts: 52 ■■□□□□□□□□
Just a little background on me choosing CASP. Several months ago, I was looking at this cert but suddenly decided to go for my CEH. As of Thursday, I passed my CEH. I am kind of at a crossroads so to speak. My current position is tier 1 support with a good bit of focus on endpoint security. My CCNA R&S expires in March of 2017. Should I go ahead and knock out my CCNP Switch to extend my CCNA or just let it expire and focus on security certs? I am really wanting to go totally security. I am considering the pentesting field.


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    stryder144stryder144 Member Posts: 1,684 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Wouldn't getting CCNA Security renew your CCNA R&S? If so, that seems like the ideal path to take, since you mentioned staying in security.
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    Moldygr33nb3anMoldygr33nb3an Member Posts: 241
    stryder144 wrote: »
    Wouldn't getting CCNA Security renew your CCNA R&S? If so, that seems like the ideal path to take, since you mentioned staying in security.

    I agree with this. I don't know your background, bamahonkey, but unless you're in the government, the CASP is just a resume ornament. The CCNA-Security will look WAY better in the private sector. I think the CASP is a great step towards the CISSP, which is a premium certification for employers in the security field. I did the opposite approach from you; I went CASP and now I am working on my CEH. I am glad I did that because the CEH study material so far is relatively easy.
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    trueshrewkmctrueshrewkmc Member Posts: 107
    I agree with Moldygr33nb3an.....CASP is more of a federal govt resume builder. I sat it to meet a federal contract job requirement. The port knowledge from C|EH is useful and so were attack types. Also had a federal contract job c. 1 year ago that required C|EH and Sec+.

    My sequence: C|EH, Sec+ (to force a friend to choke it down), CASP, CISSP (to make use of knowledge crammed for CASP)
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    EnticlesEnticles Member Posts: 69 ■■■□□□□□□□
    how difficult is the C|EH certification? it sounds silly but the nerd in me loves that title :D

    also, trueshrewkmc, which would you say is more difficult: CASP or C|EH?

    apologies for hijacking the thread :)
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    No_NerdNo_Nerd Banned Posts: 168
    I took CASP then CISSP almost back to back with less than 30 days in between. CASP was good , but I agree that unless you work DOD , maybe CCNA Security would look better . But if you want to use CASP as a prep for CISSP that is always a good way to go.
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    trueshrewkmctrueshrewkmc Member Posts: 107
    @Enticles CASP was more difficult than C|EH. CASP is a lot broader in scope than C|EH. The nerd in you should want something more meaningful than C|EH. The C|EH forum is full of posts from self-loathing C|EHs.
    @Enticles Not sure why you have CSA+ and CASP on your roadmap. CASP is the premier CompTIA cert (it renews Sec+, A+, & maybe ?Network+) , so why spend time on CSA+?
    @No_Nerd ....and my favorite reason for following CASP with CISSP.....CISSP is worth all 75 continuing ed points for CASP.
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