Passed Friday

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got an 828. I think overall this test just hit basic stuff I don't consider my self a security expert now, but I am aware of more security subjects.

Good to have a Security Cert I suppose.
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    CONGRATZ dude......
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    Please share a bit about how you prepared for your exam so others can learn from it and this post.
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    Congratulations! Awesome job. And I like your thinking too.
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    The material I used for the book was the Secuity + All in one book, I have a safari books online account that allowed me to access a book Security + Exam Cram. I also found the test questions on this site very helpful.

    I beleive the CCNA helped alot so the networking portion was easy to me.

    Things I learned during my study was finally what all these encryption acronyms meant like AES, DES the difference between Asymetric, and Sysmetric encryption and hashing algorithms.

    I also learned about Disaster Recovery plans, and Business continuity plans, which the test focused on.

    I feel like I have a general knowledge about Secuirity topics which I guess is the goal of the test, but I don't feel like I can really perform the forensics part they briefly described things as doing CRC checks to verify drives integrity after an attack.

    I know I will be looking for a book on that stuff, and continue studying secuirity topics.
    I love the Search Function!
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    Good stuff kypumper icon_thumright.gif
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