New MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

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So I have been working towards my MCSE since 2013, I have earned the MCSA 2008, then the upgrade to 2012, then started working toward MCSE Desktop Infrastructure, took one of the two MCSE exams, studied and went to register for the next and come to find it was retired. So, I started my MCSE studies again geared toward the MCSE Server Infrastructure and have been studying for the 70-413 for the past year + and finally passed this exam today. Come to find out, I achieved an MCSE after passing the 413 (and did not have to take the 414).

I guess they are retiring the MCSE server infrastructure now, so I guess I do not need to take the 414, is this correct? I am pretty confused by the new certification path, it looks like they got rid of all the specializations for MCSE and now its just one for all (MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure).

Any reason to proceed now with the 414?


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    [FONT=&amp]The resulting MCSE or MCSD certification will be added to your transcript and will never expire. Instead, the achievement date will signify your investment in continuing education on the technology. Every year, you will have the opportunity to re-earn the certification by passing an additional exam from the list of electives, demonstrating your investment in broadening or deepening your skills in a given Center of Excellence. Each time you earn the certification, a new certification entry will be added to your transcript. This process will replace the existing recertification requirement of taking a specific recertification exam every 2 years (MCSD) or 3 years (MCSE) in order to prevent your certification from going inactive[/FONT]

    The other MCSE certifications not on the list will be retired, so the answer is no to MCSE: Server Infrastructure.
    The MCSE do not expire thought Microsoft do encourage us to take an elective to "prevent your certification from going inactive" which is kinda vague. So you can consider taking an elective exam every year from the list at to keep your MCSE active. 414 is an elective so you can consider doing it next year.
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    Mike7 - The MCSE doesn't go inactive if you don't do an elective. Your transcript lists the year when you last passed a relevant exam, so in the new system it's all about how recently you added to your knowledge. Until they change it, if you have an MCSE then it's active permanently.

    Commguy23 - No need to bother with 414 unless the knowledge itself holds value to you. Take whichever elective you are most interested in at the point where you would like a new date on your transcript.
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    @KainWired thanks for clarifying on the inactive part.

    Microsoft was kind of vague on this; they mention it will not expire, did not explicitly talked about active inactive status and yet still encourage us to take an elective every year. See the last line of quotes in my post. I guess they are still undecided over this and may make further changes.
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    Yeah, the announcements were very vague and included no examples. They've done a terrible job of explaining it and everyone seems very confused. I was worried about it myself so I read through all of the comments on the BornToLearn site where the MS reps were answering questions. That last line certainly should have been edited to remove ambiguity!
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