Cissp test passed.... I think

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Just finished the exam and got

"congratulations you have provisonally passed"

Really happy that I have passed, is it normal to say provisionally though or is it random?

I have 5 years web security experience and have been studying on and off for this qualification for 2 years, but the past 3 weeks.

I put about a 100 hours of study in using:

Shon Harris 2013 edition plus exam questions
Sybex 7th edition official study guide + official questions
Kelly's cybrary videos

Did about about 3000 test questions, questions only attempted once and averaged 80%. ( range was 75 - 90% on online tests, 80 - 100% end of chapter tests)

Just wanted to thank people who have posted on this forum regarding study advice.
(I was viewing it anonymous a lot)

I think out of all the study materials the cybrary videos were the most helpful and easy to take in. Really good to use a week before the exam.

The test was difficult and I can't really add anymore than what already has been said by other people.

Now I will wait for my official confirmation from itc2, how long does it usually take?




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    they are auditing, or doing additional review of your exam. Normal is just a "Congratulations You Passed" not "Provisionally Passed"
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    a co-worker recently passed and his said 'provisionally' and a few weeks later had his card and cert. mine said the same thing. i got an email the next day (friday) saying i passed and a couple of days later (monday) telling me to submit my endorsement stuff. so my thought was they all said 'provisionally'?
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, i will await my email confirmation. Off to study Tripwire now for my test next week.
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    hi have you got your email confirmation already? I also provisionally passed cissp today. :)
  • mog27mog27 Member Posts: 302
    I passed the CCSP (cloud) yesterday and got the "provisionally passed" as well. I wonder if everyone is getting that these days? Has anyone recently passed an ISC2 exam and not gotten that?
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    It means you passed the test but have to complete the additional steps/credentialing process to officially earn the CISSP title. Congrats!
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    I just got the email from ISC2 already regarding the next step. So I think it's saying provisionally passed! :D
    This forum really helped me a lot in preparing for the test.
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