Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package

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HI guys,

I stumbled upon this

I was wondering if anyone have experience with these courses, what is the quality, are they good.
The price is actually really good, I just don't know if they are worth it.


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    The price is only "really good" because the real price is completely made up. I don't have experience with it but there is even free training for most of those certs that is very good.
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    I do not know the company providing this training, but a discount of 96% of the course price seems a bit unusual.

    However, for a similar price you could buy 1 or 2 months subscription to Pentester Academy ( All Courses - Full Listing ). Their courses are really good and you can download course videos & pdf.

    If you search on Google, you should be able to find the coupon to enroll for just 40 USD per month, instead of the price stated on their website ;).

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    If you are looking for a good amount of training for a certification, the rule of thumb is 30-60 hours training video per certification exam. Typically, you'd spend from 40-120 hours of study from all resources (reading, videos, labbing, practice tests etc) for each exam. This package lists 5 different certifications in 60 hours. And some of those are serious certifications.

    12 hours per certification would be enough to get a taste, but a long way from being a comprehensive course.

    Speaking generally, the quality of these courses varies, and good ones are rare. Price isn't always a good indication of quality, since a good reputation allows the creator to take advantage of scales and still make good money from "cheap" courses.

    Here's a similar bundle deal, but without the certification branding.

    You'd be probably be better to use Cybrary.
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