Need ITIL 2011 @ foundation Exam Code

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Dear All ,

Recently i have completed by ITIL @2011 foundation via APMG but i am still searching for the Exam code for the same .

Please some one confirm on the exam code for the same


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    Don't understand what you are requesting. Wouldn't you have to inquire via APMG?
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    Hi, Loganthan- I finished that very course today, also via APMG. At the end of the (on-site) course, our instructor gave us a paper with a unique exam code, after which we each took the exam. I would recommend talking to your instructor - I'm surprised they weren't more clear as to the procedure. I had a fantastic instructor, so maybe they're not all that high-quality; exam procedure seems like a pretty basic aspect of the course.

    Your course may not have been on-site. Whatever the case, I would recommend talking to your instructor ASAP, as well as checking for an email from

    Good luck!
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