Meeting the "full" CISSP criteria!

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Regarding meeting the years of experience requirements. I work in a SOC and as such I cover a few of the domains from CISSP.
Question is, I have worked there for 1 year, for arguments sake say I have covered 3 domains over the year... would that qualify as a 3 years of experience? As in each domain counts as it's own year? Or would it simply be 1 years worth of experience regardless?



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    No. Each domain is counted separately. What did you do before the SOC? Most of my experience came from my 3.5 years as a Systems Admin in a medium sized business. I maintained AD, firewall, patching/updating, etc. It wasn't a 'security' role but my duties counted towards my experience.
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    Worked in a NOC for a large Telco, I have CCNA:Security so that knocks it down to 4 years. Fairly sure I can apply some of the telco stuff, a lot of Cisco ASA management and telecommunications, 4G security etc! I wonder if NESSUS scans and the subsequent patching counts lol
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    From the ISC2 website:

    Security Operations (Foundational Concepts, Investigations, Incident Management, and Disaster Recovery)
    • Investigations support and requirements
    • Logging and monitoring activities
    • Provisioning of resources
    • Foundational security operations concepts
    • Resource protection techniques
    • Incident management
    • Preventative measures
    • Patch and vulnerability management
    • Change management processes
    • Recovery strategies
    • Disaster recovery processes and plans
    • Business continuity planning and exercises
    • Physical security
    • Personnel safety concerns
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