Got a new job in the field i'm interested in!!! Couldn't ask for anything more

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Hey guys!!

Hope everyone is having a good end of the year. I am!! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift then this!

So I applied for a position I thought I was underqualified for. Long story short, I applied went through the phone interview. 2hrs after the phone interview, I was given the job!! :):) The job is for a penetration tester which is what I spend my time studying outside of my current job and is 1 of my passions in IT!! All my hard work with studying instead of playing video games has paid off!! Started doing certifications 4 years ago in 2012 and haven't regretted it since!!!! So starting in the new year, I will be a penetration tester!! :) I am super excited for this position and don't want to mess things up and really want to shine in this new role!! Been reading books and doing labs from OSCP/GPEN to mentally prep myself! With that said, does anyone have any recommendations for starting off in pen testing?

Thanks all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! :)


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    Congrats on the job, hope it's all you dreamed of. With that said I think I found a link that can help you prepare on your new job. Take a look.

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    Awesome news, congrats.
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    Awesome!!! Congrats man! I'd definitely be interested in it if you blogged/journaled your adventures into pentesting.
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    Congrats man! It's great when your hard work pays off.

    Anyone new to the field reading this take note! You will never get the job you don't apply for.

    To practice pentesting, I set up a virtual lab: A kali VM NAT to the outside (for updates) and networked inside to a metasploitable2 VM and a DVWA server VM. I have been working through a book called Kaili Web Penetration Testing Cookbook and its been a great experience. When you are ready to test your skills I recommend looking at some of the VM's from Vulhub. You can just add them to the virtual environment and hack away.

    Just out of curiosity, I saw you post yesterday on my thread that had a pentester job posting. Was that the position you applied for? Don't feel you have to answer this if you don't want.
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    Congrats on the new role blessings!! :)
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    Congrats! Go through the VMs at vulnhub.
    Remember that penetration testing also requires a lot of writing. So it may be a good idea to practice by working on vulnerable VMs and creating a write up of what you found and what you did.
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    Congratulations! Great news!
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