Passed Sec+ 12/20/2016

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Just got back from the testing center. Scored an 808. Only material I used was Darril Gibson's Full Security Plus Training Course and the bonus material. Best money I spent. Dedicated about a month of study time.

Skipped all the performance based questions in the beginning and this was clutch. Still had about an hour left once I went back to the performance questions. Ended up finishing the whole exam with 40 minutes left. Of course the dreaded survey before you know if you pass or fail had me sweating lol.

Up next? I have the official training material and voucher for CEH so going to knock that out hopefully.

Good luck future test takers!!


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    Congrats! Where did you get your training material from for the CEH?
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    Congratulations and welcome to Security!
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    That's good news. Congrats! I'm planning on taking the CEH end of January.
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    Congrats. Passed mine today too. HUGE relief.
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