WGU Bachelor's IT-Security - Starting 01/01/17

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My official start date is January 1st, but I'm already hitting the books since the information is available. I already have my A+ certification (since I needed it to be accepted), and I have 80 CUs to go. I had an AA degree (business management) transfer over that cleared all general education and my A+ knocked out the two classes it normally takes. The following is a rough outline of my plan of attack, with the consideration that I do work full time right now and have a family.

First Semester:
intro to IT

Second semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester
CCNA Security
Tech Writing

I plan to accelerate faster than those listed above, but that's a breakdown that's fairly conservative but not the slowest. For anyone who has done this before, does anyone see any issues with potential time to complete these? Are any classes more involved than their allotted time or less involved? Example: CCNA shouldn't take an entire semester, even if you're new to it, or, the three classes and both Linux tests may not be doable in 1 semester. (these are examples)

I'm also currently in the process of searching for a fulltime IT job in the San Antonio area, so if you know of anyone in search of IT personnel in this area let me know! help desk/desktop support/jr admin/security related.....any of those would be fine. :)


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    Fun! I'm starting in February same program, I have Net+ already.
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    I'm starting 2/1/17 in the same program. With previous classes and certifications I've got 35/124 already complete. I can't wait to get started.
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    I've completed the coursework for Intro to it. I requested to be allowed to take the assessment and planning on taking it this week. I got an 85 on the pre-assessment so I think I should be able to swing the real deal. After this one I will be looking to finish up c172.
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    Your Student Mentor will help you a great deal getting through your degree plan. They know how long students take getting through
    the various courses. Mentors know the classes that take more time and will advise you accordingly. Enjoy! And use the Student and Class Mentors!
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    C182 Final is today! I should pass that without issue, and I'll be looking to get my C172 final approved and maybe set it up for tomorrow.

    I have read that people find the C172 final to be difficult and not as congruent with the Ucertify study materials. I passed the pre-assessment in the 80s, so if the final is similar I don't see that being a problem.
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    Passed 182 with an 87. Taking c172 tomorrow. I should pass that as well and I'll be moving on to studying for the net+ afterwards. I see some people say ucertify is not that great for net+ but the labsim is. I also have the glen clarke book to finish reading. Hopefully that will be enough.
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    Passed c172 also with an 87. Onto the c480 class which is the net+. I got access to the testout labsim, so I started with that material.
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    Good luck on your journey! I just submitted my application to WGU yesterday for this degree program and I'm currently rounding up my transcripts from various places to send in. I'm excited!
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    your timeline is good, I just started my 2nd semester on 01/01/17... I also work full time and have a family and knocked out 39 CUs the 1st semester... My goal is 30 CUs a semester which puts me finishing next semester. Also working on C480 at this point, its a retest for me as I passed N+ the 1st time in 2000 :O yeah, I'm old lol
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    Yeah I'm not sure about 30 units per semester just yet. After net+ and sec + will be ccna which I don't foresee being a short time. I could maybe see doing all the database and programming classes and Web page class and a few business classes together in one semester but Linux + and ccna security might not be doable all in 1 semester. I shall see though. I'm going to be hard charging the whole way.

    Let's not talk about age.....I've been procrastinating for over 15 years on getting my bachelor done. Ha.
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    I've got my Network+ test later today. I used the glen Clarke book and Labsim for study materials. I watched some of professor messer videos. Hopefully this will all help.
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    passed Network+ with a 767!

    Used some of Professor Messer's videos, his notes for review before the exam, Glen Clarke's Net+ book/test engine, and Lab Sim as the primary resource.

    Onto Security+!
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    Congratulations! Best of luck to you on knocking out the Sec+!!
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    I am taking my security + tomorrow!
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    Best of luck! Will be waiting to see that you passed!
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    I started this track on 9/1/2016. I brought over 55 credits, including my CCNA, and I also didn't have to take net+ (got it back in 2010, didn't transfer because it's older than 5 years) because the CCNA covered that course as well.

    I have two kids under 3, married, and work full time. I just completed my 44th CU this week, and I'm expecting to finish one more (C175) before this term wraps up at the end of the month. That will leave me 6 classes left to finish in my 2nd term.

    Most of my classes didn't take more than a week. But, I spent about 1-1.5 months on each part of Linux+ since I have no experience there. And I spent 1.5 months on CCNA Security. Carrying over my CCNA R&S certainly saved a ton of time. I studied about 4-5 months for each part of that test on my own time, but my studying wasn't nearly as aggressive as it is now.

    Trust in the pre-tests, keep at it, and keep reminding yourself that every semester you take to finish is another 3 grand out of your pocket.
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    I passed security + with a 818. I read Darril Gibson's book, did some of the PBQs in lab sim and did the pre/post tests in the ucertify material.

    My first semester is "done". I am going to start in on the ccent material and see how it goes. I should have enough time to finish this as well and accelerate the class.
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    Semester is almost over. I'm nearing the end of icnd1. I'm trying to decide if I should chance the acceleration and go for it before the end of the semester or wait.

    In related news I will be changing degree plans when I'm allowed to, to the new cybersecurity degree since that fits more closely to my interests.
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    Taking the icnd1 test tomorrow! I accellerated the course. I should pass to.orrow but if not I have just enough time to squeeze in attempt 2 before end of semester.

    Next up is project+, then the python class. I am using next semester to do all cross over classes to prepare to shift to the cybersecurity degree plan.
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    Me too, I have Net+ already and I will have Security+ in a few weeks. I will have A+ a few weeks after that. Then I want the CCNA as fast as possible but I am setting that up for second semester as well. I want to give myself plenty of time to do it. During that time I will slowly work on the Linux+
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    Oh there is a Python class! I heard they got rid of it I was so disappointed. Are they going to keep it??
    Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.
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    They got rid of Java class. The scripting foundation class is python. Not sure how involved but it does have you do the udemy python course as part of study material
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    oh hmm, maybe I'll take the CodeAcademy Python course as a refresher for fun beforehand. i was going to read that Kali/Python pentesting book anyway
    Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.
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    Passed icnd1 with a 906! Onto project+!
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    Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • Rylee1246Rylee1246 Member Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Passed Project+

    Onto the python class.
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    I start August 1st and i'm so excited. can this degree be done in less than two years?

    I have my A+ and credits from previous college to take care of those basic classes.

    can you choose to go for ICND1 right away, or do you have to follow a path? my job will promote me if i have my CCENT so i want to work on that ASAP.
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    You can choose which classes you want to do. However, your student mentor will most likely strongly suggest taking care of the entry classes before icnd1. So will probably say to get your security+ first.
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    Finished the python scripting class last night. Onto the html class!
  • Rylee1246Rylee1246 Member Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I completed the website project and turned it in. Got rejected for a couple revisions. Made the changes and resubmitted. Hoping for acceptance. Then can move on to prepping for the objective test
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